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About Elastisys

Elastisys provides cloud native solutions and managed services that empower our customers to run their applications and services in a scalable, resilient way in public or on-prem clouds. We are active Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) members, Sweden's first Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) and open-source contributors.

Knowledge sharing is in our DNA: We help drive cloud native awareness and adoption through hosting meetups, talking at conferences and writing technical blog posts about the cloud native ecosystem. Internally, we share knowledge through weekly tech seminars and lessons learned sessions.

We are currently 25 full-time employees from 7 nations. Our 20 engineers cover the entire experience spectrum from “just out of the university” to senior engineers with PhD degrees in cloud computing. Our team in Umeå has doubled in size last year, and we are now looking to open a new office in Lund to cover the Lund, Malmö and Öresund region.

What we do

We develop Compliant Kubernetes, a Kubernetes distribution that allows companies to be agile even in highly regulated environments, such as FinTech and MedTech.

We also work on customer projects that are diverse, niched and require a high degree of self-learning. Every project is unique, but the value we offer our customers is always high. We regularly work with:

  • Cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, GCP and OpenStack;
  • Automation tools such as Ansible, Helm, Kubernetes and Terraform;
  • Programming concepts such as DevOps, DevSecOps, Infrastructure-as-Code;
  • Pipelining tools such as GitLab and Jenkins;
  • Observability tools such as Prometheus, Grafana, Elasticsearch and Kibana;
  • Highly-available databases such as MariaDB, MySQL, Redis, Postgres and Vitess.

We are marathon runners, vegans, devoted fathers and mothers, board and video game enthusiasts, coffee drinkers, black-belt wearers, dog walkers and quiet evening likers. No matter your gender identity or your background, if you tick at least 3 keywords above or want to add a new quality to your set of skills, then please get in touch with us.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for junior and senior engineers to fill our shiny new office in Lund. As an engineer you will work both in product development and customer projects. Being a lean and agile company that works closely with its customers, engineers also have the opportunity to get rapid product feedback through 2nd line sales and support.


  • Experience or willingness to learn cloud native technologies;
  • Caring about customers and other team members.

Join us if you share our passion for working on the cutting-edge technology and enable worry-free managed services!

Contact and questions:

Send your CV or LinkedIn profile link, a GitHub profile link if you have one, and from when you would be available to [email protected]. Recruitment is ongoing and we always have new projects in the pipeline!

We welcome direct applications from applicants, but no solicitation from recruiters.

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln "Cloud native backend or DevOps engineer" hos företaget Elastisys AB och publicerades på workey.se den 29 september 2020 klockan 08:24.

Hur du söker jobbet

Ansökan sker via e-post till [email protected].

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