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Why should you want this job?
Your inner motivation lies within solving technical problems and creating products and services as a team, and you jump at the opportunity to learn something from your peers. All code is reviewed, fast decision paths and great freedom allow you to develop your skills.

The team is self-managed, so how you solve the problem is up to you. You and your team will pick the technologies needed to solve the task, not the other way around.

What it all boils down to is that we want you to give you the possibility to only focus on what you love the most, solving technical problems.

Build a career to be proud of
All our projects, whether it is regarding self-driving vehicles, a medical technology solution to fight cancer, or a streaming service, have one thing in common, they are all built on cloud technology.

Mob programming, code review, tech talks, hackathons, and certifications are some of the ways we can get even better together. That's what it's about, achieving things together.

You are surrounded by people that care. Not just about the project and technology, but about each other. We do it as a team; that's the way forward.

Skills needed
We believe that you have been working with the client-side of systems for a while, developing admin webs, making the systems usable and convenient for the users. Nonetheless, you get just as excited when getting to work backend to keep up to date with state-of-the-art technologies on the server-side of the application.

We believe you feel comfortable with our tech stack, which contains (but not exclusively):

- Languages and frameworks - HTML5: JavaScript, TypeScript CSS3, WebSockets, React, and Angular.
- Orchestration - Serverless and Docker.
- Nice to have, but not a requirement, would be if you have experience of cloud services - AWS, Amazon, or GCP.

One Knightec
Knightec is a new breed in the art of engineering with over 800 colleagues in locations around Sweden. We are consultants with our soul in digitalization who strive forward together.

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln "Fullstack Developer" hos företaget Knightec AB och publicerades på workey.se den 20 oktober 2021 klockan 09:08.

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