The opportunity

Better food, better world, better chefs who become better leaders. Always improving, always learning, always developing.

Be the captain of your own ship!

If you love to lead and take immense pride in the development of others, then Kitchen Manager at Curb Food is the job for you. The craft of creating beautiful and finger-lickingly awesome food in a consistent way is at the heart of what we do, and it is exactly what you won’t focus on. As Kitchen Manager you will be busy making sure that an amazing team of chefs have the best possible opportunity to do what they do best.

You keep a keen eye on their development, making sure that anyone who shows strong leadership skills are recognised and trained to become Assistant Managers.

The whole kitchen is your kingdom and it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure great food turns up at the hungry customer’s home.

What you'll do:

If you think about the kitchen as a ship, we have created the most well-oiled, efficient and passionate machine known to man. It runs on a steady stream of fantastic, unbelievably fresh ingredients that are turned into spectacular food ready to be delivered to eager customers. We need you to keep this machine running, which means:

Every day (overall 75% of the job)

- Ensuring all food leaving the kitchen looks and tastes amazing and is packaged correctly
- Leading the shift from the front - making sure everyone knows what they are supposed to do, coaching and demonstrating correct techniques
- Keeping motivation and morale high by any means necessary (almost)

Regularly (but max 25% of your time)

- Hiring and leading Kitchen Crew
- Ensuring all applicable health and food safety standards are adhered to
- Identifying Kitchen Crew with leadership potential and making sure they end up on the Learning Curb
- Ensuring food waste is minimized
- Growing and nurturing a positive working environment
- Ensuring the line and reach-in cooler are organized and clean
- Managing daily and weekly cleaning of the line and staff area
- Troubleshooting back of house computers and POS system
- Manage crew breaks, shift changes, shift meetings, and line schedules

Not a focus for kitchen managers

Create menus, develop new dishes, cook food

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln "Kitchen Manager - Copenhagen" hos företaget Hungry Kitchens Sweden AB och publicerades på den 12 april 2021 klockan 16:14.

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