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Job Description

Airmee is a well-capitalized start-up backed up by some of Sweden’s biggest investors that is looking for an extremely talented data scientist to work on some of the most complex problems in the world and help revolutionize logistics. You must have experience figuring out meaning hidden inside various data sets and telling a simple story about it.

Airmee is one of Sweden's fastest growing logistics startups focusing on fast and convenient deliveries for retailers and other businesses. Our technology that optimizes our logistics fleet in real-time is based on our research at KTH and allows us to do this more cost-efficiently and environmentally sustainable than anyone else.

What're we looking for?

We're looking for a Data Scientist who will work together with us on one of the most interesting problems in the world of logistics, route optimization. This includes the traveling salesman and vehicle routing problems, congestion and speed estimation, service time prediction and calibration, geospatial clustering, among other challenging problems.

The optimization platform is built in-house and we expect you to be comfortable connecting Python to SQL database to efficiently split the computational tasks to the most efficient medium, as well as interacting with systems via APIs.

For prototyping, you are expected to work in Python (primarily) and SQL (secondarily) in an agile manner to deliver on solutions from the minimum viable product / prototype stage to the go live stage.

You are used to communicating with development teams and make clear what are the main features that you have prototype and work together for bringing your solution ready for production. We put a great focus on good documentation and code readability, so we expect you to write clean code and properly document it.

You are comfortable working with staging and production environments.

You have considerable experience working with optimization, time series and GIS datasets. You should present previous projects that showcase your skills as a data scientist.

You have an enviable work ethic.

Skills & Requirements

We believe that you have:

- previous experience as a data analyst / data scientist working as part of teams that directly worked on optimizing flows (networks / routes)
- solid knowledge of statistics and data modeling
- solid visualization skills
- previous experience working with optimization problems
- competence in writing code in Python using data science libraries such as scipy, scikit-learn, numpy and pandas
- experience using git as a version control system
- comfortable working with agile methods

It will be amazing if you also,

- you can showcase some of the optimization products you have contributed to
- have extensive knowledge of statistical modelling and machine learning techniques
- have used relational databases, and worked with spatial, temporal or spatio-temporal data in a database context

Why join us?

You will be working with a diverse group of talented, motivated and interesting co-workers. We emphasize getting stuff done faster and better than anyone else, while having a lot of fun.

Being part of a startup in its growth phase you will have the opportunity to influence the culture and build a team around you. You will also have a lot of freedom in how to execute tasks.

Our office is located in central Stockholm.

It’s easier to invent the future than to predict it.” - Alan Kay

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln "Data Scientist" hos företaget Airmiz AB och publicerades på workey.se den 20 januari 2021 klockan 10:30.

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