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Note this job is an partially paid internship to start with - a good performance will lead to a full paid salary job after 6 months.

We are looking to disrupt the interior shopping business by adding another dimension to the sales process through augmented reality and 3D visualisation. Our fundamental drive is “seeing is believing” and that's exactly what we are currently doing with Web AR. More informed decision making will result in a happy client and next generation of shopping behaviours. This is what we would like to call smart shopping!

As we are undergoing heavy growth right now we are looking to strengthen our team on the production end with talented people who have attention to detail. We are looking for someone who is coordinated and can work under deadlines together with our production manager and our 3D Modellers. The main objective is to make sure that our clients products correlate with the 3D Models we make to a full extent. Once complete submit the products to the production manager internally before the client signs off.


The requirements

- Have some general knowledge of 3D Modelling

- have an easy time following instructions

- tolerate a repetitive work task

- Handle the workload allocated.

- able to motivate and communicate revisions modelers.

- attention to detail (VERY IMPORTANT).

Öppen för alla
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Detta är en jobbannons med titeln "3D Quality Assurance Controller Internship" hos företaget Charpstar AB och publicerades på workey.se den 4 januari 2021 klockan 15:12.

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