Elaway Sweden started earlier this year the journey to electrify Sweden - note that we are a start-up 🚀. Our road to success includes testing, failing, some more failing, and then we will win. You will help us figure that last part out!

This is your role
You have a very particular set of skills you have acquired over the years working with business development, sales in deep verticals and in parallel with lateral sales design.

Business Development Manager. Sales Director. Head of Strategy - We'll agree on the title! Flexibility is essential for us, not only when it comes to titles. Charging facilities is our product. When sell them, it's in collaboration and understanding with external and internal stakeholders. Our product portfolio combine sales within the Housing segment - how do we develop and sale our products?

Hardcore active sales
Strategic accounts
‍❤️‍👨 Partner sales

Your job is to lead and build our sales teams with a micro and macro perspective. With micro it's crucial that you are a skilled leader that understand day 2 day challenges that might pop-up - support and mentorship is key. Then it's Macro! Day 2 day management and support is key, but you still have to posses the ability to navigate long term strategic business opportunities, create a solid road-map and deliver with an energic but humble approach.

Some of your responsibilities

- Build a Swedish sales and business development team with our CEO; active sales team, Strategic accounts and partner sales
- Create scalable sales processes and strategies
- Create Guidelines for our teams
- Work closely with our CEO and Operations Manager regarding new strategic sales approaches

Who you are

- Strategic and also lateral
- Live to develop new opportunitets and also to present them so that everyone understands
- Energic but controlled
- Understanding but firm
- Love of details and also how to use them in the bigger picture


- Want's to have fun at work and lives for quality
- Excel today automation tomorrow - day one you will create stuff from scratch, tomorrow you will guide our tech-team what to automate. It's nitty and also gritty, and you have to love it 😍
- Growth mindset and a desire to work in a high-paced start-up
- at least 5 years of experience in a management role (P&L)- Knowledge of SE law regarding working environment queries

- Experience with sales and business development within the real estate sector, ex - random real estate services
- aspects of hardcore legal stuff regarding real estate services
- understanding of the tech parts, bits and pieces that combined results in a epic ecosystem

- Languages - - Swedish [Full Professional Proficiency]
- English [Full Professional Proficiency]

We love our values - and so must you!

A cultural fit is crucial to thrive at Elaway. That's why we need to ensure that you can relate to our brand new values. We are curious to know what you think and how you relate to these:

- Be Brave, Think Big
- We Make Things Happen
- Earn Trust, Be Accountable

and last but not least;

- It's All About People

If you can relate to these and love them as much as we do, then we might possibly be a perfect match!

- I'm really looking forward to read your application and hopefully also to welcome you to our amazing journey at Elaway Sweden /Oliver

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln "Business Development Manager" hos företaget Elaway AB och publicerades på workey.se den 15 juni 2022 klockan 10:11.

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